About Us

About us

Tem Empire is a media and entertainment company filled with a group of professionals and celebrities who are here to disrupt the media and entertainment industry creating and generating contents for businesses of any level which can be use for advertisement and promotion with intense art and creativity of all kind.  We have been in existence for 10yrs and we have been active in Nigeria for over 5yrs. We are good at what we do and we make sure our clients are satisfied with our services.


  • We have the experience and expertise as it is our field and we have proven ourselves over the years that we are capable.
  • Our studio is top notch as it is fully equipped with the adequate tools we need.
  • At Tem Empire we are affordable.
  • Our workers are well trained as we only hire professionals. So be rest assured that your work will be carried out by competent and reliable personnel.
  • We can help with ad as we make use of skits.

Our Mission

Develop our brand and service in the media and entertainment industry to satisfy the ever-changing needs of customers..

Our Vision

The Company’s vision is to be a leading Lifestyle & Entertainment provider through the development and delivery of unique and quality products with variety and entertainment to create and fulfil the lifestyle of all customers.

Core Values

  • The core values, which drive the Company in achieving its mission, goals and objectives, include:
    • Always support, motivate and create impression to staff, consumers, and customers
    • Achieve: Conduct businesses to achieve the Company’s goals and objectives with business integrity and ethics
    • Value: Innovative team to create value services to our customers
    • Enlighten: Continue to develop knowledge and capabilities of our staffs

    The Company’s plan or strategy to attain such goals and objectives is to render quality services, uniqueness, and varieties to reach the target group, having innovative and flexible marketing strategy, having efficient teamwork and staff, and conducting businesses in accordance with the principles of good corporate governance. “The Company’s business plan, is in accordance with the objectives and vision of the company listed above.


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